#11 – The Power Of A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Gayla was at the top of a career she loved. She was working as a teacher and principal when her health began to quickly decline. She suffered with shingles week after week for years. She was hyper-allergic to many things, and had to carry an EpiPen with her everywhere she went. Finally, she quit her job because she was scared she might die in front of her students.

Her body was slowly shutting down, and even the best doctors couldn’t help her. One afternoon, she saw Forks Over Knives, a plant-based lifestyle documentary. Out of desperation, this Texas girl gave up cheese and all other animal products for 30 days. The results were truly life-saving. Now, Gayla is here to share the obstacles she’s overcome and the tricks she used to thrive on her whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:20 Her body was shutting down and experts couldn’t help her

6:15 The only thing she hadn’t tried

10:05 People are getting very sick

14:40 How Gayla overcame obstacles on her way to plant-based living

18:00 Vegetarianism vs. a whole food, plant-based lifestyle

23:00 How to fill a whole food, plant-based plate

23:55 Where to find plant-based proteins

25:10 How to assist your digestion with a transition to plant-based living

30:35 Gayla’s favorite go-to meals and snacks (hint: if it takes a long time, she doesn’t make it!)

34:00 Lose your excess weight and end your need for meds

41:40 How Gayla spends 5 minutes creating better wellness

42:35 Gayla’s favorite health habit

Connect with Gayla:

Website: http://coachgayla.com/

Email: Gayla@CoachGayla.com




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