#12 – Feed Your Real Hunger and Lose Excess Weight


When Bernadine’s husband told her they would be leaving their home in South Africa to live in the United States, she didn’t realize how difficult her journey would be after arriving here. She was so sad about leaving her friends and family behind, and also felt a great sense of guilt for not being home with her father when he passed away. On top of that, her husband was gone for long periods of time for his job.

To numb her emotions and feed her pain, Bernadine ate more and more. She gained weight and became depressed. Most days she struggled just to get out of bed. Fortunately, she asked herself a life-changing question one day that motivated her to start her transformation. From there, she was determined to become healthier and happier. After losing the weight she had gained, learning how to overcome emotional eating and food cravings, and finding who she really is, she’s become passionate about helping others do the same.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:05 Bernadine’s emotional journey

7:50 The most powerful practices to start a transformation

8:30 Getting started with meditation

9:33 How she stayed motivated

12:55 Recommendations for overcoming emotional eating

20:10 What is tapping?

28:10 Discover what you’re really craving

30:25 Spiritual practices that feed your soul

33:49 The 6 Week Body Shrink Program

38:27 How Bernadine spends 5 minutes creating better wellness

38:50 Bernadine’s favorite health habit

Connect with Bernadine:

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Tapping with Bernadine



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