#14 – Mind Tricks To Master A Real Food Diet


Years ago, Beth Leah Krumbein suffered from a difficult stomach ache that most doctors couldn’t help her with. However, one doctor recommended she change her diet. That single change started a positive ripple in Beth’s life and the lives of many others. Beth is an energetic health coach who loves helping others live a healthy life even when they’re social butterflies with busy lives.

As Beth transitioned herself to a real food diet, she became a meal prep master. She also overcame the difficult habits that get in the way of consistently working towards better health, and in this episode, she generously shared her favorite mind tricks so you can master your own transition to JERF (just eat real food) as well.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:15 Beth’s story – the stomach virus that started it all

4:00 Beth’s eating guidelines

5:15 Way more than weight loss

7:00 Transition to JERF

8:15 Food prep – go to options

10:00 JERF with friends

13:11 Overcoming unhealthy habits

17:04 Mind tricks for temptation

20:40 Eating mindfully

24:00 You’re impacting others

29:40 Wipe your slate clean

32:30 How Beth spends 5 minutes creating better wellness

33:00 Beth’s favorite health habit

Connect with Beth:

Website: BethLeahNutrition.com


Resources Mentioned:

The 21 Day Transformational Nutrition Cleanse

Free Meal Prep Guide



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