#17 – Enjoying The Adventurous Journey To Finding Your Guru And How To Have All-Day Energy


Many years ago, Mitle Southey was not feeling very well, but she had a feeling deep within her that we are all meant to be well. So, she set out on a journey to find the answer, her guru, the one thing that would solve all her problems. But, she never found it. Instead, she took herself on an adventure that led her to the guru within her.

After learning to accept who she was and giving herself some extra love, her practices and habits began to transform her health. Now, she loves supporting professional women, who, despite being health conscious, are feeling depleted and have a strong desire to embrace a lifestyle that truly supports and nourishes them at every level.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:20 Trying to find her guru

4:30 You are the expert – the answer is inside you already

17:45 Mit’s opinion of coffee

25:30 A holistic approach to sustaining high energy levels

31:40 Eating for energy – balancing each meal

38:40 Energy drinks – the best of the best

43:05 Matcha 101

46:19 How Mit spends 5 minutes creating better wellness

47:00 Mit’s favorite health habit

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Email: mitle@lusciousorganic.com.au


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