#18 – Escape Burnout & Recharge Your Life With Self-Care


From a really young age, Stephanie thought her energy and life were not her own, but something she had to give away to others. She was an extreme people-pleaser, exchanging her own health for the constant need to serve others. Over time, this took a huge a toll on her mind and body, and she became sick with irritable digestion, back pain, migraines, anxiety, and more. Thankfully, she was inspired to use food to help heal herself. She started to make small, sustainable changes that ended up completely restoring her health and changing her life.

She was so motivated to share her message with others that she became a holistic nutritionist and Culinary Nutrition Expert on a mission to help others fill their own cup using self-care practices and kindness – before they fill the cups of others. And, in this episode, she shares some of her favorite ways to spruce up self-care and start giving yourself the love you deserve.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:20 Stephanie’s story

5:20 A powerful breakthrough – Discovering she can be in the driver seat of her own life

11:30 If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a hell no

13:47 Self-care practices that recharged her life

15:56 Some of the greatest blessings come from the darkest, most difficult times

18:45 Why is this happening for me?

23:00 Body image – You are so much more than a number

33:00 Self-care that works for you

36:10 Natural beauty care and cleaning

46:10 How Stephanie creates better wellness in 5 minutes

48:00 Stephanie’s favorite health habit

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Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Emoto Water Studies – Although highly debated, interesting to think about.

Danielle Laporte – The Desire Map


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