#19 – Overcoming Chronic Illness From The Inside Out Starting With Real Food


When Macy was a sophomore in high school, she started to get really sick. After months of waiting to get into specialists and having testing done, she was diagnosed with several conditions she had never heard of and could barely pronounce. Macy and her mom began studying her conditions. Together, they decided to use real food to help her fight the illnesses and get better from the inside out.

One of the most difficult conditions is gastroparesis. In her interview, she shares what it is and the steps she’s taken to overcome it. Macy’s love for food, cooking, and helping others inspired her to start her own blog so she could share her passions.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:10 Macy’s story – fighting chronic illness

5:05 What is gastroparesis?

6:00 The inspiration behind paleocrumbs.com

10:03 How Macy overcame her biggest challenge

11:16 How Macy stays positive while being a teen with chronic illness

13:01 What she’s most excited about this year

15:44 Tips for embracing the paleo lifestyle

16:55 Childhood recipes re-created to be allergy friendly – See links below!

19:15 How Macy creates better wellness in 5 minutes

20:01 Macy’s favorite health habit

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Resources Mentioned:

The Paleo Kitchen: Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking

Culinary Nutrition Expert Program with Meghan Telpner

Green-a-licious Smoothie

PB & J Smoothie

Chocolate Covered Sunbutter Grahams

Thin Mints

Great Lakes Collagen


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