#2 – The Truth About Eating Fat


Arielle Zieja from ArielleZieja.com is our special guest today. She’s a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, counselor, and quirky artist. She’s also a real person who has had her own food issues that she solved by eating healthy fats as part of her paleo lifestyle.

Arielle was constantly sick for years. She visited one doctor after the next while trying every diet she could find. Finally, her body started shutting down, and after her 3rd visit to the emergency room, she returned home and rediscovered a book someone had given her: Breaking The Vicious Lifestyle. It introduced her to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Steve and Jordan over at SCDLifestyle.com. Within days of changing to this high fat paleo diet, she began feeling normal and having regular bowel movements.

Arielle shared how fat originally became the fat monster, who can benefit most from eating more fat, and what fats to pack into your diet. There’s also a special offer from Arielle for our listeners – check it out at the bottom of this post!

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:19 Getting to know Arielle (from “you’re full of crap” and low cal, low fat, yo yo dieting to high fat paleo and well-balanced hormones)

7:30 Going gluten free

8:30 A dangerous addiction to weight loss

13:45 The book that changed everything – Breaking the Vicious Lifestyle

15:00 High fat paleo to the rescue

19:25 What is SCD and who needs it – Repairing the gut

22:59 Candida flush – very low carb and high fat

26:00 What is paleo and how does high fat paleo differ

30:00 Drop grocery bills while on Paleo

32:45 De-bunking the fat monster myth – The evolution of dietary fat

37:15 What fats should we eat and what fats should we avoid. Plus, how much do you need?

40:45 Fat doesn’t make you fat – Ben and Jerry’s challenge

47:00 Who should avoid high fat paleo and who benefits the most

50:22 How to get started with a paleo or high fat paleo diet – what your plate should look like

57:05 How Arielle spends 5 minutes to create better wellness

Connect with Arielle:

Website: www.ArielleZieja.com

Resources Mentioned:

Free 30 Day Paleo Challenge – Paleo Frequently Asked Questions eBook (click here) and audio (click here).

Free 15-minute phone consultation with Arielle, just click here

Be sure to mention the podcast during your call to get 30% off any of the coaching packages available and 20% off any of the programs offered.


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