#20 – The Life-Changing Power Of Chiropractic Care


Years ago, Dr. Schulte became an engineer. However, after working with a chiropractor to eliminate the GERD he had been living with for years, he knew that he wanted to help others with the power of chiropractic care as well. So, he went back to school to follow his passion and became a chiropractor. He settled down in St. Charles, IL at his personal practice, Schulte Family Chiropractic.

I am so grateful for the changes that Dr. Schulte was willing to make in his life to be a leader in natural health, because when I stumbled across an open position at his office, it was just what I needed. After joining his team, I was exposed to so many new ways to understand the body, and I learned several new ways to take care of myself. He is the first person who taught be about the power of real food and chiropractic adjustments. Throughout the two-and-a-half years I was working on his team, I was constantly inspired to learn and grow in my understanding of holistic health. In this episode, Dr. Schulte was able to answer so many of the questions I get from people about chiropractic care and how it can be so life-changing.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:45 What actually happens when you get adjusted?

3:50 I pop my back all the time, isn’t that an adjustment?

5:30 What is a subluxation and how do I know if I have it?

9:40 How can I avoid interference in my nervous system?

12:45 If I’m not in pain, why do I need a chiropractor?

16:49 What are the best supplements to use with a healthy diet?

20:30 How does chiropractic care help with acute illnesses like a cold or flu?

24:05 Can a chiropractor help with other joints?

25:55 Why should an infant be adjusted?

31:00 More benefits of chiropractic care

33:50 How Dr. Schulte creates better wellness in 5 minutes

34:50 Dr. Schulte’s favorite health habit

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Resources Mentioned:

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements

The Five Minute Journal


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