#23 – The Courage To Surrender, Following Your Intuition, & Becoming A Woman


Jessie Harrold is such a wise guest. She shares how she has found a way to blend her various passions into a power-house business for serving women. Jessie serves as a doula, life coach, adventurer, and community catalyst.

Jessie used to be a courage-junkie. She challenged herself with some of the most daring physical adventures. But, it wasn’t until after she became a mom that she really learned what courage is all about. Tune-in to this episode to hear how Jessie’s third-life alignment process can help you discover your own courage and remember the woman you are meant to be.

Here’s a recap of the show:

2:05 The story behind Nalumana Women’s Wellness

5:00 How Jessie thrives as a multi-passionate entrepreneur

9:00 How to tune-in to your intuition and what to do when it throws you for a loop

11:20 The most courageous act Jessie has ever faced head on – it might not be what you expect!

15:50 What to consider when you’re on-the-fence about being a parent

18:20 The best way to support a new mom

20:35 How a doula can support women during pregnancy and the birthing process

23:30 How yoga at home can help you get more in touch with your intuition

25:50 Remembering who you are and becoming a woman through your third-life alignment

34:30 The five stages of a third-life alignment

37:30 How to find time for meditation when you don’t have time for meditation

39:15 Jessie’s ideal day

40:36 How Jessie spends five minutes creating better wellness

41:30 Jessie’s favorite health habit

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Website: www.nalumana.com

Email: jessieharrold@gmail.com





Resources Mentioned:

Puttylike – A Home For Multipotentialites


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