#24 – Your Gut Has Huge Impact On Your Health, Here’s How You Can Rebuild & Support It


Although Brandi was living a life that looked healthy and happy from the outside, on the inside, she was in hurting. She was enjoying travel, doing yoga, and eating “healthy” food, but she couldn’t figure out why she had so much digestive irritation and pain. Or, why she had an unstable mood and foggy brain. Even when she was training to be a natural chef and eating beautiful, nutrient-dense meals, her digestive system was a mess.

After being inspired by one of her teachers, she visited a doctor who diagnosed her with an inflammatory, autoimmune condition called Crohn’s disease. From there, Brandi began restoring her health – starting with her gut. She used many of the tips and techniques she had learned in the past and experimented in the kitchen with new foods that would support her gut digestion. After just two short years, she was free of the signs that indicate the presence of Crohn’s disease. Now, she’s put her years of wisdom together into a program to help others overcome brain fog, irritability in the mind and gut, and so much more. Listen in to learn about how the gut impacts our mental and physical health and some of the best ways to support it.

Here’s a recap of the show:

2:05 The gut-wrenching journey that led Brandi to where she is now

7:22 Crohn’s disease in more detail

10:35 The difference between good foods and the digestibility of foods

13:35 The benefits of a well-planned elimination diet

16:20 The huge impact our gut has on the health of our mind and body

19:45 What you need to know about anti-nutrients

26:40 Food is not just food – and here’s why

36:57 Other ways to support your gut

36:10 What Brandi would want more of (if time and money were not an option)

40:15 How Brandi spends 5 minutes creating better wellness

42:08 Brandi’s favorite health habit

43:15 How to restore your gut in 6 weeks

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Resources Mentioned:

Brandi’s 6 Week Gut Health Progam

Weston A. Price

Sally Fallon Nourishing Traditions


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