#25 – How Palm Readings and Tarot Cards Can Help You Optimize Your Intuition


Katie Jane’s grandma was a little rebellious, so she found great joy in learning about palmistry back when it was still a little distasteful to most people. But, when Katie Jane was born, she was super intrigued to learn palmistry. She would study her grandma’s books and work with her to understand the special techniques. Over time, she’s mastered the art of palm reading, tarot card reading, and working with crystals to help people live a better life – a life that’s more in tune with their intuition.

During our interview, I was super surprised to learn that there is actually science behind palmistry and that some medical doctors are beginning to use it as a way to detect disease. I also learned that tarot cards tend to be about 90% accurate – how cool is that?! One of the great things about the readings Katie Jane gives, is that they are just a snapshot of where you are in life now and the direction you’ll go if you continue down the path you’re on. Which means, if you don’t like the forecast, you can change course and travel a more enjoyable journey. I was full of amazement as I learned from Katie Jane and I hope you are too.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:30 Katie Jane’s story – how her Grandma inspired the work she serves the world with

6:45 Learning the science behind palmistry

7:52 How often should you have your palm read and does your palm change?

9:05 Your hands tell so much more than you realize

12:35 The accuracy of palmistry

14:00 Tarot cards 101

20:00 Follow your intuition down your ideal path

24:29 Recommended frequency for tarot card readings

29:30 How crystals can help raise your vibrational frequency

32:27 How to care for your crystals

34:23 Katie Jane’s favorite palmistry and tarot card testimonials

40:15 What Katie Jane wants everyone to know about her techniques

41:20 If time or money were not an option, Katie Jane would want more of this

42:45 How she would spend 5 minutes creating better wellness

44:45 Katie Jane’s favorite health habit

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Connect with Katie Jane:

Website: www.katiejanepalmistry.com.au

Email: katiejanepalmistry@gmail.com




If you’re interested in learning more about tarot cards, check out Katie Jane’s online program: Learn: Tarot which launches on May 15th. Click here for details about the program and for some free gifts!


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