#26 – How Changing One Habit Can Transform Your Whole Life & How To Honor Your Body By Honoring Your Food


Are you ready for a good time? Ready to finally feel the way you desire? Debrina Wright is your girl. She’s a holistic health coach, dream doer (love that), fitness leader, and so much more. After losing her parents when they were young, Debrina was determined to outlive her genetic predisposition. In the last few years, she’s overhauled her whole lifestyle to feel the way she truly desires. The crazy thing is, a large part of her transformation has come from changing one single habit.

I had so much fun interviewing her and preparing to share this with you. Debrina shines with so much passion and love for life and she’s all about helping everyone she meets do the same thing. She also has a knack for making life beautiful. One of my favorite strategies she shared for this is to plate food beautifully each time we eat. With a little intention, a simple meal can become an incredibly enjoyable and nourishing experience.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:50 How her journey unexpectedly prepared her to be an incredible health coach and leader

9:00 Discovering what you really desire – the life changing power of The Desire Map

14:20 Detaching from expectations and having more appreciation after traveling a rocky road

18:50  Her powerful focus for 2016

23:50 The one habit shift she made that completely changed her health and body

26:00 Major lifestyle changes to overcome her genetic disposition

33:50  How Debrina honors her food in order to honor her body

42:10  Introduction to The Soul Food Society

49:35 Are you future tripping?

51:55 If time or money were not an option, Debrina would want more of this

53:05 How Debrina spends 5 minutes creating better wellness

53:25 Debrina’s favorite health habit

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Soul Food Society – Kicks off May 29th

The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte


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