#27 – An Intro To Primary Foods & The Importance Of Being Students Of Our Own Health


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Amy for a couple years now. When I first met her, she was on the brink of heading down a new path towards better wellness. I could tell she was a bit apprehensive but she was also highly motivated to succeed. And succeed she has! Amy worked through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition collaborating with others the whole way through. She even credits a lot of her persistence to having a strong network of health-conscious people around her.

The start of her transformation really began when she mustered up the courage to show up at her local CrossFit gym. From there, she built her self-confidence, learned how to nourish her soul with primary foods, and really began to understand who she is and what makes her feel the best. Just as I like to say we all have a magic wellness formula to discover, Amy believes being a student of our own health is vital to living our best life.

Here’s a recap of the show:

2:10 Amy’s courageous leap into better wellness

3:15 Using community to amp up wellness

11:55 An introduction to primary foods

14:30  Amy’s favorite ways to nourish herself with primary foods

20:40 How to practice courage

26:30 The importance of being a student of your own health

31:00 If time or money were not an option, Amy would want more of this

31:38  How Amy creates better wellness in 5 minutes

32:04 Amy’s favorite health habit

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