#28 – Keeping The Ego In Check, Manifesting Positive Emotions, & Moving Harmoniously Through The Cycles Of Life


Years ago, Marianne left a job that was wearing her down and stressing her out to follow her passion. Of course, all of the optimists out there are probably thinking this means things went fine and dandy because that’s what we’re supposed to do – follow our passion. What Marianne is courageous enough to share though, is that her new journey didn’t go the way she had expected. Just when things were starting to go well, her ego came in to crash the party. Marianne started doubting herself and comparing herself to others. After a while, she made the incredibly difficult decision to close her new business. Thankfully, she didn’t stop though, she kept digging through the masks of who she thought she was in order to find her true self.

Now, she’s back and she’s starting a Conscious Revival by sharing her years of wisdom. She loves offering support to others so we can find ways to move through emotional blocks that hold us back and discover the superpower that lies within all of us. She has also done several beautiful interviews with other women in order to discover and share their wisdom.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:58 The inspiration behind Conscious Revival

5:49 How Marianne created awareness around her beliefs

9:40 Ways to learn from and move through sticky, heavy emotions

13:00  Manifesting the positive emotions you most desire

15:15 How to keep your ego in check when it wants to call all the shots

19:50 Finding the wisdom in a difficult situation

21:18  Moving harmoniously through the cycles of life

26:49 If time or money were not an option, Marianne would want more of this

31:40 How Marianne creates better wellness in 5 minutes

33:11 Marianne’s favorite recipe for happiness

Connect with Marianne:

Website: consciousrevival.com

Email: marianne@consciousrevival.com



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