#29 – Beat Your Demons, Depression, And Addiction With Yoga


A few years back, Esther Nagle experienced the hardest month of her life which came after a years and years of depression, drama, and catastrophe. Everywhere she went, bad things seemed to happen to her and the people around her. To cope with her stressful life, she became a party girl at night. For years, she thought the drinking and partying was her way of being fun. However, when someone in her family started dealing with alcohol addiction, it forced her to stop and look at her own life. During that reflection, she realized the drinking had become a problem and her life needed to be changed.

Thankfully, Esther had been going to yoga to enjoy the physicality of it for years. So, she decided to become certified in yoga. What she learned was so much more than she ever could have expected. And now, she’s happy to her core, sober, and inspiring others to travel the transformational journey that worked so well for her.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:20 Esther’s dramatic, unhappy journey to health and happiness

9:15 Yoga asana is just the tip of the iceberg

13:30 Developing patience on the mat for in your life

21:50 Beating addiction through yoga

23:38 Esther’s loving message to her younger self

29:12 If time or money were not an option, Esther would want more of this

30:10 How Esther creates better wellness in 5 minutes

31:35 Esther’s favorite health habit

Connect with Esther:

Website: balanceandbreathe.co.uk



Resources Mentioned:

Bent Back Into Shape – Beating Addiction Through Yoga


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