#3 – CrossFit Myths Busted


A few years ago, as I was flipping through TV stations, I came across the CrossFit Games competition. As a former college athlete, I couldn’t understand the crazy pull-ups they were doing and thought everything else looked too extreme for the general population. In my mind, CrossFit was nuts!

Luckily, a couple years later, I met Sonia Murray at XSport Fitness. We were both there doing our best to get in a good, strong workout, but for me, I knew something was missing. A few weeks later, I learned that Sonia and her husband Blake had actually opened a new CrossFit gym near me called CrossFit 333. Since Sonia and her sister were the only ones in the boot camp class we were doing that could actually keep up with and/or outperform the instructor, I figured her prior CrossFit training was her secret weapon to being so fit. So, I headed in for my first class.

Afterwards, I was hooked. And now, my husband is too! As I learned more about fundamentals of CrossFit I realized my preconceived notions were a bunch of B.S. And, I figured if I had believed the myths, others must be as well. So, I got Blake Murray (Sonia’s husband and co-owner of CrossFit 333) to agree to this interview. We busted all sorts of CrossFit myths and Blake shared his journey from “safe” machines to being the machine. Oh, and his health habit and 5 minutes to wellness are great. Be sure to listen until the end!

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:00 Blake’s Story – From workout machines to being a machine

9:00 Myth #1 – CrossFit is dangerous and you will injure yourself

13:30 Myth #2 – CrossFit coaches don’t care about form

16:15 Myth #3 – Only super strong or really fit people can do CrossFit

18:20 Myth #4 – Every CrossFitter is obsessive

19:15 Myth #5 – CrossFitters can’t do real pull ups

22:20 Myth #6 – CrossFit makes you bulky

25:00 Blake’s most powerful health habit

27:00 How Blake spends 5 minutes to create better wellness

Connect with Blake:


333 N. Randall Road, Ste. 4
St.Charles, IL 60174

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