#31 – Increase Your Confidence & Happiness With A Refreshing Way To Think About Your Life’s Purpose


Clara Angelina Diaz is our soulful guest today! She’s a life coach on a mission to help empower women and she’s has some incredibly refreshing ways to think about things that can sometimes be overwhelming to contemplate, like discovering your life’s purpose. What I love about Clara is that she practices what she preaches. When things don’t feel right in her life, she makes adjustments and finds ways to guide herself back to happiness with intention.

Lucky for us, Clara’s willing to share her years of work and wisdom to help us simplify and achieve the life we really want. Don’t get overwhelmed! I promise, she breaks it all down and even has a program to help you achieve your best year ever, one day at a time.

**I greatly apologize for the sound quality on my part of this show. After Clara was kind enough to redo this episode with me because it didn’t get recorded the first time, I couldn’t believe the computer defaulted to the wrong mic on the second time around! **

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:15 Clara’s story

3:10 An entirely different approach to living your purpose

10:55 The benefits of having your own life coach

14:50 Following through on your great ideas for success

20:00 Less striving, more intuition, more trust

30:00 Create Your Best Year

33:10 How Clara spends 5 minutes creating better wellness

33:33 Claray’s favorite recipe for happiness

Connect with Clara:

Website: ClaraAngelinaDiaz.com





Resources Mentioned:

Create The Best Year Of Your Life - Clara Angelina Diaz


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