#32 – The Incredible Benefits Of Acupuncture And Herbs


Elizabeth Spicher is a super smart acupuncturist and licensed herbalist who co-owns Geneva Acupuncture and Bodyworks (previously Integrated Natural Medicine) with her husband, Dr. Eric Spicher. Elizabeth has been on my personal wellness team for about one and a half years now and I’m so grateful for the attentive, focused care I can always expect from her. Together, we’ve worked to make some huge strides in my well-being, which is fantastic!

Before I started treatments with Elizabeth, I didn’t really understand the science behind acupuncture and the massive range of symptoms and ailments it can help relieve and/or eliminate. In this episode, Elizabeth explains how becoming a human pin cushion can be so beneficial to your health as well as some handy acupressure points to use at home.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:30 Elizabeth’s story, inspired by her mom

3:30 The science behind being a human pin cushion (aka acupuncture) and the many things it can help with

9:00 How Chinese herbs take healing to a new level

11:20 The difference between taking herbs and/or supplements compared to prescriptions

14:40 How herbal tea compares to the herbs Elizabeth and other herbalists use

16:00 DIY relief using acupressure points

20:40 If time or money were not an option, Elizabeth would want more of this

21:21 How Elizabeth creates better wellness in 5 minutes

22:05 Elizabeth’s favorite recipe for happiness

Connect with Elizabeth:

Website: GenevaAcupuncture.com




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