#4 – What They Don’t Tell You About Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Alida Wagner is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Registered Nurse, and essential oil enthusiast. She empowers stressed out women with irritable bowel syndrome who are fed up with being bloated and constipated finally get relief so that they can actually feel good after eating a meal and not worry about feeling bloated or gassy.  After not feeling heard by conventional medical doctors or getting any real solutions, Alida took matters into her own hands. She has spent years researching science, psychology, and spirituality to figure out what really works.

Alida has a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and then went on to study at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. These experiences have taught her to approach health and wellness with curiosity and an open-mind, and today, she’s here to share her years of experience and wisdom with you!

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:15 Alida’s Story – A journey through IBS and autoimmune disease

4:40 How gut health impacts autoimmune disease

6:35 What is IBS? – A diagnosis of exclusion

8:00 The conventional approach to dealing with IBS

9:00 A natural and highly effective approach to treating IBS

11:00 How to identify food intolerances

13:25 An experimental transition to a whole food lifestyle

17:12 What does autoimmune paleo look like?

18:51 How to get started treating IBS naturally

24:00 How the non-cook can make whole food paleo easier

28:00 Navigating the holidays with food restrictions

32:46 Helpful resources for people suffering from IBS

33:38 How Alida spends 5 minutes to create better wellness

Connect with Alida:

Website: www.AlidaWagner.com


Resources Mentioned:

Dr Mark Hyman



Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Nom Nom Paleo

Paleo by Season


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