#6 – Advice For Athletes From An Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant


Our awesome guest for today is Tanya Zucco. Tanya was formerly a professional water-skier and currently is an elite triathlete, physician’s assistant specializing in orthopedic surgery, wellness nut, and holistic lifestyle consultant.

After a friend introduced Tanya to essential oils, she quickly fell in love with holistic wellness. She had been experiencing pain and breakdown in her own body, and felt that many of the patients she was seeing weren’t getting what they really needed.

When Tanya began seeing great improvements in her own health after adding in some wellness practices, she decided she needed to share her message with others. She says “there’s this big misconception that you have to eat all this meat and sugar and bars and stuff, and that’s just not the way it has to be. You can be very kind to your body and be an elite athlete.”

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:15 Becoming a physician’s assistant with a holistic spin

7:00 Habits of a holistic endurance athlete

9:05 Holistic tools for endurance training

13:15 Common injuries that can be avoided

16:10 Protect yourself from stress

18:00 Strategies for a bulletproof positive mindset

20:50 Extra advice for high intensity endurance athletes

23:53 Recommended nutrition during endurance events

29:15 Tanya’s view on supplementation

33:18 How Tanya spends 5 minutes to create better wellness.

Connect with Tanya:

Website: www.TanyaZucco.com

Email: Tanya@TanyaZucco.com





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