#7 – Creating A Healthy Family Routine


Brooke Backsen joined us for this special episode of Gather for Wellness radio. Brooke is an occupational therapist, yoga instructor, and the President of My Recess Therapy. My Recess is a sensory-based clinic designed to support every child and family’s unique therapy needs in a warm, creative, and fun sensory-filled environment.

Brooke’s daily interactions help children and families who are impacted by heightened sensory needs. Her tips provided can be used by any family looking to create a calm and healthy routine that will prepare you all for a good day.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:20 Brooke’s Story – A love for kids and a lot of patience

2:50 How an increased awareness of sensory needs is impacting families

4:00 Brooke’s recommendations for daily flow and rhythm

8:00 Bring your best energy to what you’re doing

11:18 How to have a harmonious holiday season

13:45 Dietary tips for kids with sensory needs

20:00 How Brooke spends 5 minutes to create better wellness

20:30 Brooke’s most powerful health habit

Connect with Brooke:

My Recess Therapy
1601 E Main Street, Unit G
Saint Charles Il, 60174

Website: http://www.myrecess.com/

Email: info@myrecess.com

Phone: 630.880.0993


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