#9 – A Magic Little Secret For Wellness


I am thrilled to share this interview I got to do with Meggan Riley who has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and teaching since 2009. She’s a 200-hour Hatha certified yoga instructor and is also certified in Street Yoga and Expressive Yoga.

Growing up, Meggan was an athlete but never loved being competitive. Later on, she became active outdoors and was introduced to her first sun salute while out bike riding with a friend. From that point on, she’s been hooked on yoga!

Her interview is full of wisdom on love, relationships, fear, and life.

Here’s a recap of the show:

1:05 How Meggan became hooked on yoga

3:40 What yoga really is and the magical impact it can have

7:30 It starts with you and eventually spreads out into the world

12:00 Doing the work

19:08 Overcoming fear

26:10 How Meggan spends 5 minutes to create better wellness

28:20 Stillness

31:54 Meggan’s most powerful health habit

Connect with Meggan:

Website: www.megganriley.com

Email: meggan.e.riley@gmail.com





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