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Cliffnotes Story

Becky Litwicki, 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher, fell in love with yoga after years of intense basketball and CrossFit workouts. Contrary to her limited beliefs, she learned yoga is far more than stretching and being “zenned out”; instead it can be a playful way to live in the present moment. Her years of yoga have helped her realize the immense potential of being human and to be more open-hearted, patient, and in tune with herself. Her teaching focuses on alignment and mind/body awareness to empower her students to move and breathe in a way that serves them best on and off the mat.


200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certified
Meggan Riley Apprenticeship, Aug 2016 to Jan 2017

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach
The Institute of Transformational Nutrition, Sept 2014 to March 2015

B.S. Exercise Science
Northern Illinois University, 2009

My Full(er) Story

Yoga has become my way of life. It started as an alternative to CrossFit when my body demanded that I slow down. As a former college basketball player, I’ve put a significant toll on my body. For years, I lived in a state of depletion from all the stress. I’m not talking so much about emotional stress – although there was definitely some of that – I’m talking about foods without enough of the right nutrients, highly demanding workouts, not enough body fat, and not enough rest, recovery, and self-care.

Eventually, it all caught up to me and I went years without a menstrual cycle. Some women would be thrilled, a small part of me was, but I knew I needed to balance things out and heal my body. After trying many healing modalities, I decided to totally surrender, stop my intense workouts, and bring some ease and softness into my life. That’s when the dabbling I had done with yoga ended and my new love began.

When we feel like we’re the victim we remain in a state of suffering. But, when we can see that life is happening for us, we can open ourselves up to receive blessings, breakthroughs, and love we could never have imagined for ourselves. For me, yoga is a blessing, a system that teaches me over and over again how to find myself, heal, connect, and live life.

I’m in love with finding ways to feel good and be my true self. I just keep peeling back layers, feeling, experiencing, expanding, and repeating. I’m not here to tell others how to live their life – it’s up to each one of us to figure out our magic formula. However, out of gratitude for the wisdom I’ve received and a strong belief that we must consciously keep the circle of giving-and-receiving energy going, I look forward to passing along helpful practices, tools, and inspiration that guide me through this dance of life.

“Live Life As If Everything Is Rigged In Your Favor”


Behind The Scenes

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