Empowerment Flow

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within. – Maya Angelou

Sometimes it sure feels like it’s dim though. The negative committee in our head can sling mud and make us feel crappy, lucky thing there’s yoga for that!

Here’s a fun #EMPOWERMENT FLOW because its #feelgoodfriday

Here’s what it is:

  • Mountain pose to 5-pointed star (great pose for confidence!)
  • Move in and out of goddess pose
  • Extend the hands up for temple pose (bonus is Kali mudra with hands interlaced and pointer fingers up)
  • Pivot toes to one side and extend out into half pyramid
  • Rise back up, turn torso and move into triangle pose
  • Rise back up and pivot feet for 5-pointed star
  • Repeat goddess pose and temple pose, then move to side B for half pyramid and triangle

This can be a fluid flow moving with each inhale and exhale or you can hold the poses for a breath or more.

Feel free to add a strong feeling mantra like: I can do this. I will succeed. I am powerful. (you get the idea!) Also, how bout them drums 😉😄


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