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#32 – The Incredible Benefits Of Acupuncture And Herbs

Elizabeth Spicher is a super smart acupuncturist and licensed herbalist who co-owns Geneva Acupuncture and Bodyworks (previously Integrated Natural Medicine) with her husband, Dr. Eric Spicher. Elizabeth has been on my personal wellness team for about one and a half years now and I'm so grateful for the attentive, focused care I can always expect from her. Together, we've worked to make some huge strides in [...]

#31 – Increase Your Confidence & Happiness With A Refreshing Way To Think About Your Life’s Purpose

Clara Angelina Diaz is our soulful guest today! She's a life coach on a mission to help empower women and she's has some incredibly refreshing ways to think about things that can sometimes be overwhelming to contemplate, like discovering your life's purpose. What I love about Clara is that she practices what she preaches. When things don't feel right in her life, she makes adjustments and [...]

#30 – How To Brew Your Own Kombucha At Home

Hema Ramsingh was a fairly healthy girl while she was growing up. Unfortunately, that all changed in her early twenties after she was in a car accident. Hema began to feel incredibly weak and sick and was diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia. She insisted on finding ways to heal her body while avoiding the drugs that were being recommended to her. She wasn't ready [...]

#29 – Beat Your Demons, Depression, And Addiction With Yoga

A few years back, Esther Nagle experienced the hardest month of her life which came after a years and years of depression, drama, and catastrophe. Everywhere she went, bad things seemed to happen to her and the people around her. To cope with her stressful life, she became a party girl at night. For years, she thought the drinking and partying was her way of [...]

#28 – Keeping The Ego In Check, Manifesting Positive Emotions, & Moving Harmoniously Through The Cycles Of Life

Years ago, Marianne left a job that was wearing her down and stressing her out to follow her passion. Of course, all of the optimists out there are probably thinking this means things went fine and dandy because that's what we're supposed to do - follow our passion. What Marianne is courageous enough to share though, is that her new journey didn't go the way she [...]

#27 – An Intro To Primary Foods & The Importance Of Being Students Of Our Own Health

I've had the pleasure of knowing Amy for a couple years now. When I first met her, she was on the brink of heading down a new path towards better wellness. I could tell she was a bit apprehensive but she was also highly motivated to succeed. And succeed she has! Amy worked through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition collaborating with others the whole way through. [...]

#26 – How Changing One Habit Can Transform Your Whole Life & How To Honor Your Body By Honoring Your Food

Are you ready for a good time? Ready to finally feel the way you desire? Debrina Wright is your girl. She's a holistic health coach, dream doer (love that), fitness leader, and so much more. After losing her parents when they were young, Debrina was determined to outlive her genetic predisposition. In the last few years, she's overhauled her whole lifestyle to feel the way she truly desires. [...]

#25 – How Palm Readings and Tarot Cards Can Help You Optimize Your Intuition

Katie Jane's grandma was a little rebellious, so she found great joy in learning about palmistry back when it was still a little distasteful to most people. But, when Katie Jane was born, she was super intrigued to learn palmistry. She would study her grandma's books and work with her to understand the special techniques. Over time, she's mastered the art of palm reading, tarot card [...]

#24 – Your Gut Has Huge Impact On Your Health, Here’s How You Can Rebuild & Support It

Although Brandi was living a life that looked healthy and happy from the outside, on the inside, she was in hurting. She was enjoying travel, doing yoga, and eating "healthy" food, but she couldn't figure out why she had so much digestive irritation and pain. Or, why she had an unstable mood and foggy brain. Even when she was training to be a natural chef and [...]

#23 – The Courage To Surrender, Following Your Intuition, & Becoming A Woman

Jessie Harrold is such a wise guest. She shares how she has found a way to blend her various passions into a power-house business for serving women. Jessie serves as a doula, life coach, adventurer, and community catalyst. Jessie used to be a courage-junkie. She challenged herself with some of the most daring physical adventures. But, it wasn't until after she became a mom that she [...]

#22 – Uncover The Hidden Fears That Control You & Tap Into Your Divine Feminine Energy

I get the honor of practicing yoga guided by Sandy at Shine Batavia, and if you're local to the area, I highly encourage you to check out her classes. No matter what your location is though, this episode is here to provide wisdom that has taken Sandy years to uncover. As a yoga instructor, reiki master, proud mom, and beautiful beam of light, Sandy inspires [...]

#21 – How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Achieve Goals That Matter

I am so excited to share this incredible interview that I had with Sandra Garest. She is a tremendous coach who has helped guide some of the most successful people through incredible transformation. She is the Vice President of Lifebook, where she serves hundreds with her passion for helping, expertise in goal setting, habit formation, and wisdom on how to create a life that is absolutely fulfilling. [...]

#20 – The Life-Changing Power Of Chiropractic Care

Years ago, Dr. Schulte became an engineer. However, after working with a chiropractor to eliminate the GERD he had been living with for years, he knew that he wanted to help others with the power of chiropractic care as well. So, he went back to school to follow his passion and became a chiropractor. He settled down in St. Charles, IL at his personal practice, [...]

#19 – Overcoming Chronic Illness From The Inside Out Starting With Real Food

When Macy was a sophomore in high school, she started to get really sick. After months of waiting to get into specialists and having testing done, she was diagnosed with several conditions she had never heard of and could barely pronounce. Macy and her mom began studying her conditions. Together, they decided to use real food to help her fight the illnesses and get better from [...]

#18 – Escape Burnout & Recharge Your Life With Self-Care

From a really young age, Stephanie thought her energy and life were not her own, but something she had to give away to others. She was an extreme people-pleaser, exchanging her own health for the constant need to serve others. Over time, this took a huge a toll on her mind and body, and she became sick with irritable digestion, back pain, migraines, anxiety, and more. Thankfully, she was inspired to use food [...]

#17 – Enjoying The Adventurous Journey To Finding Your Guru And How To Have All-Day Energy

Many years ago, Mitle Southey was not feeling very well, but she had a feeling deep within her that we are all meant to be well. So, she set out on a journey to find the answer, her guru, the one thing that would solve all her problems. But, she never found it. Instead, she took herself on an adventure that led her to the [...]

#16 – Find Movement Your Body Loves & Become Your Own Health Expert

While Catarina was growing up, she didn't even know she was sick. The whole time she could remember, she suffered from back pain, brain fog, extreme bloating, pain after eating, and depression. These terrible symptoms had become part of her normal existence. One day, when she was 19, she decided to audition to be a dancer. She's not sure why she was chosen, but thankfully [...]

#15 – Strong Is The New Skinny & Why Being A Carboholic Vegetarian Is On The Way Out

Lisa Marie has always been an animal lover, and when she was 11 years old, she made a firm decision to become a vegetarian. At the same time, she struggled with the changes her body was going through and fell into the negative cycle of anorexia. Eventually, she realized she had become too thin, so she pulled herself out and moved on. It wasn't the [...]

#14 – Mind Tricks To Master A Real Food Diet

Years ago, Beth Leah Krumbein suffered from a difficult stomach ache that most doctors couldn't help her with. However, one doctor recommended she change her diet. That single change started a positive ripple in Beth's life and the lives of many others. Beth is an energetic health coach who loves helping others live a healthy life even when they're social butterflies with busy lives. As Beth [...]

#13 – When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Years ago, Layne's world was turned upside down. She was a victim in a tragic bombing. After recovering from some serious injuries, Layne had tried to rebuild her life. But, life gave her lemons - lots of lemons. Layne's immune system was incredibly run down and she contracted many diseases with horrible symptoms. She spent 5 years in a wheel chair without the use of her arms. [...]

#12 – Feed Your Real Hunger and Lose Excess Weight

When Bernadine's husband told her they would be leaving their home in South Africa to live in the United States, she didn't realize how difficult her journey would be after arriving here. She was so sad about leaving her friends and family behind, and also felt a great sense of guilt for not being home with her father when he passed away. On top of [...]

#11 – The Power Of A Plant-Based Lifestyle

Gayla was at the top of a career she loved. She was working as a teacher and principal when her health began to quickly decline. She suffered with shingles week after week for years. She was hyper-allergic to many things, and had to carry an EpiPen with her everywhere she went. Finally, she quit her job because she was scared she might die in front [...]

#10 – Be Stress Free

  Melissa Smith used to live a very fast-paced, high-stress lifestyle. Like many others, she began experiencing the symptoms of our modern day lifestyle. At one point, she even experienced adrenal burnout and had to rest in bed for two weeks. That didn't stop her though - she pushed on through her stressful lifestyle for a few more years. About five years ago, however, she had [...]

#9 – A Magic Little Secret For Wellness

I am thrilled to share this interview I got to do with Meggan Riley who has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and teaching since 2009. She’s a 200-hour Hatha certified yoga instructor and is also certified in Street Yoga and Expressive Yoga. Growing up, Meggan was an athlete but never loved being competitive. Later on, she became active outdoors and was introduced to her first [...]

#8 – The Power Of Going Gluten Free

If you're too overwhelmed to start a gluten free die or you've been on a gluten free diet, but you've only seen marginal improvement in your health, our guest today may be your new best friend. Michelle Vasicek is a Transformational Nutrition Coach who’s here to share the wisdom she’s learned about caring for yourself when you have an autoimmune disease and how to thrive [...]

#7 – Creating A Healthy Family Routine

  Brooke Backsen joined us for this special episode of Gather for Wellness radio. Brooke is an occupational therapist, yoga instructor, and the President of My Recess Therapy. My Recess is a sensory-based clinic designed to support every child and family's unique therapy needs in a warm, creative, and fun sensory-filled environment. Brooke's daily interactions help children and families who are impacted by heightened sensory [...]

#6 – Advice For Athletes From An Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant

  Our awesome guest for today is Tanya Zucco. Tanya was formerly a professional water-skier and currently is an elite triathlete, physician's assistant specializing in orthopedic surgery, wellness nut, and holistic lifestyle consultant. After a friend introduced Tanya to essential oils, she quickly fell in love with holistic wellness. She had been experiencing pain and breakdown in her own body, and felt that many of the patients [...]

#5 – The Power of Yoga and Mediation

  Lourdes Paredes is our special guest today. Lourdes began practicing yoga back when she was living in New York attending grad school. She wanted to find something that would help center and calm her. Now, nearly 20 years later, she's a beloved Chicago yoga teacher who has lead classes all around the city. Throughout her time in Chicago, Lourdes met many really neat people [...]

#4 – What They Don’t Tell You About Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  Alida Wagner is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Registered Nurse, and essential oil enthusiast. She empowers stressed out women with irritable bowel syndrome who are fed up with being bloated and constipated finally get relief so that they can actually feel good after eating a meal and not worry about feeling bloated or gassy.  After not feeling heard by conventional medical doctors or getting [...]

#3 – CrossFit Myths Busted

  A few years ago, as I was flipping through TV stations, I came across the CrossFit Games competition. As a former college athlete, I couldn't understand the crazy pull-ups they were doing and thought everything else looked too extreme for the general population. In my mind, CrossFit was nuts! Luckily, a couple years later, I met Sonia Murray at XSport Fitness. We were both [...]

#2 – The Truth About Eating Fat

Arielle Zieja from is our special guest today. She's a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, counselor, and quirky artist. She’s also a real person who has had her own food issues that she solved by eating healthy fats as part of her paleo lifestyle. Arielle was constantly sick for years. She visited one doctor after the next while trying every diet she could find. Finally, her [...]

#1 – Everything You Need To Know About Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  Today our guest is Dr. Dave Hopper from Dr. Dave is an ex MMA fighter, current personal trainer, Chiropractor, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Specialist. One night, Dave was getting weird calls from his dad in the middle of the night. When he finally answered, his dad told him he thought he was having a heart attack. Come to find out, he was actually [...]