Mountain Pose (Tadasana)


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🗻 “Without firm foundations, a house cannot stand.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

This is the most basic standing pose, the one all other standing poses move out of. It took me a few years of practice to learn how to do it properly and in teaching, I often see lack of attention in this pose.

It may not be the “fanciest” pose, but it is critical to building a long, healthy spine and foundation to move from.

If the hips or knees feel pain while the toes are touching, stand with a few inches between the feet with them running parallel to each other.

Iyengar also said when done correctly, you will feel light in the body and agile in the mind. When done unconsciously, the weight is off-center, gravity pulls differently, the belly hangs, and soon the spine feels strain and you’ll feel fatigued and dull in the mind.


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