Restorative Self-Care Practice


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Here’s some of my #selfcaresunday from last week.

This sweet little practice just goes to show you don’t need fancy, matching props to assist your yoga and that #yogaisforeverybody — A few years ago, I made my way to yoga when my body and whacked out hormones demanded a slowdown. I was less than thrilled about becoming all ‘zenned’ out.

Until I felt really truly felt ‘zenned out’ for the first time and it hooked me. What hooked me more is that yoga isn’t all about moving slowly and being quiet.

Some yoga is about fire, strength, action, and laughing. I fell hard for that kind of yoga.
And now that my mind is more open and my nervous system more balanced, I’m starting to really love the calm, gentle yoga I used to avoid. —
Here’s a little recap of the restorative practice I followed if you want to #practiceathome : Hold each pose for 8 long slow breaths or more.

☞ Legs up the wall (blanket under hips – give yourself a nice neck/head massage)
☞ Baddha konasana (butterfly legs on the wall)
☞ Childs pose with pillows between legs, rotate head each direction
☞ Seated baddha konasana (butterfly legs with chair for upper body support)
☞ Wide leg forward fold (using chair for upper body support)
☞ Laying crescent (put rolled up blanket under high hip)
☞ Reclined virasana (pillows and support under entire spine and head)☞ Reclined baddha konasana (butterfly legs with pillows and support under entire spine and head)
☞ Reclined twist (pillow under legs if less intensity is desired)
☞ Janu sirsanana (head to knee pose, use stacked pillows/bolsters for upper body support)
☞ Reclined heart opener (pillow/blanket/block under shoulder blades and head if desired)
☞ Supported bridge pose (block under sacrum/pelvis)
☞ Legs up invisible wall (extend legs into air from supported bridge)
☞ Windshild wiper twist
☞ Supported savasana (pillows under legs, soft blankets/padding under the back and head).


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