Our Trash Impacts The World

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Trivia: How long has this TV been in our ally?

3 years! It looks like it was put there yesterday!

When was the last time (if ever) you really thought about what happens when you throw something away?

In the US, we produce goods so fast and usually out of cheap materials. This means people buy, often, because they want the latest and greatest and because things are inexpensive so they throw “away” the old and bring in the new.

I like to have new things, please do not misunderstand this caption. The issue arises when we unconsciously get rid of things from our life.

Here are a few things I practice to help minimize my destruction of Earth, home.

1. I think a lot about most purchases I make. Do I really need that or will it really make me feel the way I want to feel for the long term? If so, cool!

2. Donate as much as possible – this takes a tiny bit more effort than tossing it in the garbage. But the fact is, it’s a much much better choice.

3. Sell, we have several books listed on Half.com, we’re getting paid to declutter and nothings going to “away”

4. Recycle, there are many programs available to help recycle electronics, light bulbs and more.
Choosing to be naive about our actions doesn’t make them any less impactful. Please consider how your trash is going to impact the world we live in.

Once you have made these things second nature, another layer of consciousness will come about and you can consider ways to compost, how to minimize the amount of packaging the products you purchase come in,…and more. I’m moving into this now.

PS I might need to look into taking this TV somewhere…kept waiting for someone to be responsible. ..apparently, they aren’t.


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